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Gutter Magician Offers, Gutters, Gutter Covers, Rain Gutter Covers and Roofing in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana and all surrounding areas.

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Dear Gutter Magician Staff/ Ms. Macy,

I am entirely pleased with the new gutters you recently installed on my house, both for function and appearance. More than this, I found the whole process unusually good, including the courtesy of your installers and especially including the highly informative presentation by your sales representative about the features of the gutters. The latter not only inspired confidence in the product prior to the sale but also continues to enhance my satisfaction with my investment in the products.

Robert L. Busse

It has been nearly 30 days since the installation of my new gutters and there has been sufficient rain to allow me to inform you how pleased I am with the new gutters. I would also like to tell you that the salesperson (Anthony Buford) was engaging, polite, and thorough in his presentation. He answered all of my questions and was professional in all regards. Also, you may want to know that the installation crew was very proficient in installing the gutters quickly; they were not only timely, but demonstrated that they were very accomplished workers and were pleasant to deal with.

Frank W. Kling


This is to confirm that Gutter Magician installed a new gutter system and downspouts on my home. Work was done in a timely manner on date and time scheduled. Installers were efficient and did a good job of cleaning up when finished. Would not hesitate to recommend Gutter Magician to anyone considering a new gutter system.

Brenda R.

To Whom It May Concern,

We had our new gutters installed today, Friday June 6, 2008. The entire process of working with the Gutter Magician family has been a very pleasant one.

We were unable to keep our initial visit with a salesman, who had driven to our house, due to my husband’s busy work schedule. The man was very nice about having to reschedule. He completely understood. This let us know right away that we were dealing with a different kind of company.

When we met with salesman David Lykins, we were very impressed with his knowledge of the products, his friendliness, and the way he did not pressure us in any way. Usually sales presentations are lengthy and boring, but talking with Mr. Lykins was like visiting with an old friend. We really enjoyed his visit.

Mr. Lykins worked with us until we found the exact color of gutter that matched our house. He represented your company very well!

We had a slight problem after our gutters were delivered. Apparently someone in our neighborhood thought it would be funny to stomp on one of the gutters, completely destroying it. Even though it was a special order, because of the color, your replaced it at your cost. We thank you very much for that.

The 2 young men who installed the gutters were very friendly and cleaned up everything very nicely.

We are very pleased with the look of the new gutters and I am very glad that my husband doesn’t have to get up on the roof and hang off the side cleaning them out ever again!

We are very pleased to be a part of the Gutter Magician family now.

Chuck and Lisa E.

Gutter Magician did a remarkable job. They were on time and cleaned up after themselves. The gutters and downspouts are working great. Definitely recommend using this business.


This firm installed their product on my home on March 9th. I waited for a couple of rain showers before sending you my evaluation. The employees arrived exactly at the scheduled appointment time. The crew leader Chris Issenmann was very professional and efficient. WE walked the installation sites and reviewed the contract and the removal of existing and installation was started. The second part of the crew arrived in a timely manner and started to work immediately. I worked with construction crews prior to retirement and I was impressed with the men on my project. Upon completion of the installation I was asked to review the installation and we address a few minor issues, where were resolved immediately. I was impressed with the post installation cleanup process. The quality and performance of the material speaks for itself. It has an excellent finish that matches the neighbors, which living in a planned development is a necessity. I am glad that the “Gutter Magician of Northern Kentucky” is listed in your magazine, as it is a quality product installed by craftsman. The Better Business A+ rating is well deserved.

Donald G. N.

We purchased Gutter Magician for our home in March of 2010. We were very appreciative of the way the product was presented to us by Dough Verst.

We were given several incentives on how we could go about making our purchase. Doug was aware of our financial situation so he tried to meet our needs, and met them..

The installation went smoothly, and the installers met our request so we would be happy customers. The gutters have made an improvement to our home, plus raised the value of it if we ever decide to sell..

We feel it was a good investment, and a preventative measure of worrying about getting hurt cleaning gutters any longer. .

It is a great feeling know that this company is American owned and the product is made in America. .

We hope we have made a difference in purchasing the product in keeping America working. .

Thank you.

Lucas and George S.

Dear Stacy and Gutter Magician Staff:

Gutter Magician solved a very large concern for us. We found this solution was a pleasant experience that we recommend to others.

The problem began with trees at our home, depositing leaves in the gutters on all sides of the structure. A recent addition had also added to the length of gutters. There were also different angles and slopes to the roof. We really needed something that would work. All this made it clear that climbing a ladder or working from the roof to clean the gutters was no longer an option.

In the sales presentation from Gutter Magician, it was readily apparent that the product was superior to its competition. Demonstrations and comparisons of leaf protection systems were enlightening to us. Issues we had faced with a competing product (installed in a first attempt at keeping the gutters clean) would be eliminated with Gutter Magician. Our questions were answered in a clear and amiable manner as well.

We can recommend Gutter Magician because it incorporates all the important elements: leaf protection; a well-engineered mounting brace system (that we found very impressive); and the down spouts and gutter size to carry the volume of water away.

We are happy that we have made the investment in Gutter Magician.

Martin S.

Gutter Magician of Northern KY,

I recently had a new gutter system installed by your company and I am writing you to inform you of how pleased I am with the new gutters. I believe your product is by far the best on the market, but more important to me was the excellent installation. The crew that Gutter Magician provided to install your product was courteous and very knowledgeable of your gutter system. You could tell that they were not sub-contractors, but in fact had attended classes on how to properly hang gutters. I would highly recommend Gutter Magician to family members, as well as to the public.

Thanks for a great job.

The Louden’s

We wanted a good rainfall before I wrote a letter of recommendation. We got a heavy wind and rain storm about 4:00 am February 26th. The storm woke me up and I raised out of bed to listen to the rain.

It was a good sound that I heard. Our old gutters had drooped and rain would splatter to the ground making a loud splash. Thursday morning all I heard was rain hitting the roof.

I thought of an old commercial where a dog gets a milk bone. He hugs himself and floats in the air and comes down saying: mmmmmmmmmmuuuummmm. I had the same reaction with the rain. I told myself “mmmmmuuummm” that sounds so good and fell back to sleep.

The three guys that put the gutters up were well trained. They flowed in unison, making it look like a well organized team.

Our new gutters and down spouts are bigger and will be able to handle our March and April rain falls and storms.

Thank you for a job well done.

I am proud we chose Gutter Magician.

Let it rain. Let it rain. Let it rain.

Bob and Linda M.

What a great product! What great construction! I was very impressed with The Gutter Magician. The water pours into the gutter but not the leaves and helicopters. What more could you ask for? No more climbing on the roof. Everyone was easy to work with and scheduling was great.

Thanks Gutter Magician,

Elzie P.

Our experience with Gutter Magician of Northern KY was very positive from the salesperson through installation and warranty work. We felt the salesman, Anthony B*****, was open and honest and that the product installed matched the product that was presented to us. We had one minor issue following installation but a call to the company led to a quick response and they were out to the house in a reasonable amount of time to complete the repair. The actual repair person called us directly to make sure he clearly understood our issue before attempting to repair it. Overall very satisfied. This is a pricey product but with a lifetime warranty and no more maintenance worries it was worth the investment.


The Gutter Magician of Northern KY, Inc. recently installed the complete Gutter Magician System with the drip edge to our home. We are very impressed with the quality of the product, the strength of the construction, and the seamless appearance that has enhanced the attractiveness to our house which was customized to fit our home. The Gutter Magician representative who visited our house for the initial meeting was very prompt, professional, and informative about the product and the warranty. He brought several other gutter products with him to compare the competitors’ products with theirs that are in the market in the tristate area. We were also pleased to find out the gutter product is made locally in Northern Kentucky. In addition to the gutters/downspouts we also had our existing roof shingles removed down to the wood, had the roof sealed, vented, new flashing, and new shingles installed. The roofing contractor who did our roof had a professional crew that was very swift and efficient. They paid attention to the contoured roof, trim details, painted the flashing and exhaust pipe to coincide with the color décor to have a professional finished look. Superior clean-up and removal of debris throughout our yard and our neighbors yard. Kudos to the roofing company crew! We highly recommend Gutter Magician of Northern Kentucky, Inc. and the roofing contractor associated with Gutter Magician who did the project. They did an excellent and professional job! Thank you!


Dear Mr. Ostrow:

Five years ago, I had new gutters installed on my home while having aluminum sliding installed. Whenever it rained, it was deafening, and the gutters could not adequately hold any amount of rainfall. I had previously seen a demonstration of your product at the Kentucky State Fair, and thought the demonstration was interesting, but doubted that it would actually perform under real conditions. After researching the many similar products offered today, I realized The Gutter Magician has the most superior product on the market. The materials used are the highest grade aluminum “custom fitted”, and the gutters are braced like no other product. The height of the back of the gutter reaches to the peak of the flashing on my home, thus protecting it. The most surprising result of your wonderful product is the absences of any outside noise when it rains. The water now more than adequately taken away from my house for the first time in twenty-two years in this home. Your staff was courteous, and when they left, the yard and surrounding area was pristine. Your follow up after the installation to see if I had questions or concerns was very professional. I can truly understand now why you chose the name The Gutter Magician. I look forward to many years of “quite satisfaction” from your great product!

Joseph M. Smith

Just wanted to send a Thank You for the attention to detail in the installation of our gutters. We had our gutters put on back in the summer. I wanted to wait to make sure they did everything they were supposed to do before getting back to you. We have many mature oaks, birch, locust, and pines on and around our property.

I have yet to do one thing of any lengths of the gutters. That includes not having to get on our roof to clean out one leaf! We have a two garage and car port, that is separated from our house. I’ve had to clear those gutters more than a couple of times in the last few months. Guess what? As soon as the temperatures go down, I get to go out and clean t hem again. (Just glad the pitch on the roof is almost flat!)

We are glad to have spent a little extra to be that much more safer!!

Thanks Once Again

Jeffrey G. M.

Dear Gutter Magician,

Sorry this testimonial took so long, but it was hard to tell you what I thought of your product when it didn’t rain. Then last week the heavens opened up! We had numerous HEAVY downpours over the span of a week and your gutter system performed as advertised. They look and work great! Your installers were fast and professional, and the entire change over process was “SEAMLESS” just like your gutters!


Ron and Terri S.

Early this spring the company was in our neighborhood advertising the Gutter Magician system. We decided to let them come out and show their product and to our surprise the gutters were designed totally different than all other competitors. The sales representative was very informative and knowledgeable about their system and was able to show us the differences with similar companies. After receiving an estimate for our home, we agreed to purchase and schedule an installation date for our new investment. Within 6 weeks the crew arrived and completed the system in two days’ time. With affordable financing and not having to pay for leaf removal we highly recommend this product.

The Dawlsons

We are very impressed with The Gutter Magician, their product, installation, and support. We have a lot of roof with a lot of area that needed proper gutter installation, and in two days, their guys came out and created the new gutters with their machines (very impressive to watch it happen), took down and disposed of our old gutter system, and installed it all! Before The Gutter Magician, we had a number of problem areas, including one in our back yard, where with our old gutters, anything more than a light drizzle would cause water to channel and flood off the roof, into the soil, causing a mess of erosion and splashing dirt onto the side of the house. Since The Gutter Magician installed new gutters, even in heavy rains and winds, all our problem areas have been no problem at all.

Zeph & Maria C.