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Gutter Installations, Leaf Shields, Premium Roofing, Gutter Protection, Gutter Covers, Mastic Siding, and More in Newport, Kentucky


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Gutter Magician is the number one company in the Newport Kentucky area that specializes in gutters, gutter installations, roofing, mastic siding, gutter protection, leaf shields, and more.

Something for All in Newport, Kentucky

Newport, Kentucky is a city that is located in Campbell County and is a part of the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area. Located near the Ohio and Licking Rivers, the city is full of sights to see and things to do. Some places of interest for the family include the Newport Aquarium and General James Taylor Park. The Newport on the Levee is a shopping center and entertainment hub that is one block away from two historic districts: East Row Historic District and Monmouth Street Historic District. Although some of the landmarks have been lost, the city is a place full of rich history and great places to see.

Local Gutter Services in Newport, Kentucky

Newport, Kentucky is just one of the few cities that we have the pleasure of serving here at Gutter Magician. Although we serve a handful of select cities and areas in Ohio and Kentucky, we are still a small, locally owned business that puts a great amount of effort into providing a small business service. This means that we give extra care to our customers to ensure that every single one is satisfied. With our gutter services, such as gutter installation, leaf shielding gutters, gutter helmets, gutter protection, premium roofing, and more that we offer, you will find a way to improve the gutters of your home with us.

Gutter Coversin Newport, Kentucky

Our gutters are number one in the Newport area. We provide high quality gutters made from premium .032 aluminum, giving us a product to be proud of. Our gutters are built to last and have a lifetime warranty so that you can feel confident using them for the foreseeable future! With our gutters, you will always have a home that you can feel confident in knowing that you will not get water damage due to rain.

Gutters with Shielding in Newport

Our gutters are built in a way that does not allow garbage to build up within. Our gutters come with a helmet shield, a special cover that protects gutters from anything that is not water. These shields prevent typical gutter clutter, such as sticks, twigs, leaves, acorns, or anything else that falls from above or reaches from below and can dump contents onto your gutters. With gutters from us here at Gutter Magician, you can easily watch as leaves and other contents slide off the gutter shield and onto the ground, while water falls into the gutter via the slits crafted on the shield. This allows your gutters to stay clean while still doing its job at all times!

Gutters in Newport, Kentucky

Cleaning gutters is a dirty job and no one wants to do it, so why be forced to do it when your gutters can stay protected at all times? Our gutters are guaranteed to stay unclogged or we will come and clean them ourselves. If you are in the Newport, Kentucky area in need of gutter services such as gutter replacement, gutter installation, roofing, siding, gutter protection, or anything else that we offer, contact Gutter Magician to get started today!

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