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Gutter Magician Offers Gutters, Gutter Covers, Best Gutter Protection Systems, Rain Gutter Covers, Premium Roofing and Siding, Serving Northern Kentucky, Erlanger, West Chester, Montgomery, Madeira, Cincinnati, Ohio, Southern Indiana, Lawrenceburg and All Surrounding Areas.

Gutter Magician Offers, Gutters, Gutter Covers, Rain Gutter Covers and Roofing in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana and all surrounding areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is my favorite question. My name is Doug Verst. I am the owner and founder of the Gutter Magician. The reason my company is the absolute BEST in the industry is very clear. We prove it every day all over Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in homes just like yours. We have the product that is the best designed, most efficient and affordable in our area. We use the best .032 aluminum, have an Exclusive Magician Heart “X” bracket, we have a 6 point mounting system GUARANTEED Never to pull away from the house. We offer an Exclusive “high back” system. We install the Gutter Magician under the drip edge not the shingles. We have Exclusive double flow reducers on the top of the hood to better manage water flow. I am the owner and my family and I have always live in Northern Kentucky we are local and your neighbors not from New Jersey or Florida or anywhere else like the many other companies out there. Ask them where is the owner from and where does he or she live? You cannot call or speak to them, they are from “out of town”. We live here and will be here when you need us you can count on us!

- High maintenance
- Loss of leisure time
- Cost of gutters cleaned and reliability
- Dangerous gutter cleaning
- Unsightly gutters or screens
- Water in your basement
- Water gets behind the fascia
- Water gets in soffits to cause trouble like mold and mildew.
- Water gets back in the insulation and causes BLACK MOLD that is very TOXIC to small children and older people and just about anyone who comes in contact with it.
- Cracked foundations and buckling of basement walls.
- Erosion of your landscaping, a huge waste of money.
- Damage to patios and porches.
- Rotten rafters.
- Mosquito nests, bugs of all kinds love moisture.
- Ice dams in the winter.
- and so much more!

Yes of course, and we are proud of our 100% satisfaction. Please look at our testimonials page and read how happy we make our customers at the Gutter Magician.

We proudly have an A+ Rating with the BBB! And we were also the Super Service award winner from Angies list!

Yes it is and a very serious matter in the U.S. Check out these very real statistics because we do not want YOU to become one of them, please do not risk it! We can help you.
- Falls from ladders are the number 1 cause of accidental death and disabling injuries at home every year.
- 22,631 deaths are caused by accidental falls ( that’s 62 per day).
- 5,100,000 disabling injuries from falls ( that’s 13,972 per day).
- Over 25,000,000 non-disabling injuries from falls ( that’s over 68,000 per day!).

Gutter Magician completely encloses and protects the gutters. There are no vertical openings for leaves and debris to enter and no screens to clog. Rainwater flows over and around the nose of your new Gutter Magician system and into your gutters by simple physical law of surface tension. It’s just like the way water clings to the side of the glass when poured. The Gutter Magician Gutter Cover System has more surface tension than any other system in the industry today!
  Gutter Magician has a proven record of success in all areas with snow because it prevents ice and snow build up in gutters. The formation of an ice dam is a natural function caused by the combination of home insulation, ventilation and temperature variations. A snow and ice melt on heated roofs it migrates downward, often refreezing over the uninsulated areas of eaves and overhangs. The resulting ice dams that build and backup onto the roof can damage roof decking and shingles and can even pull gutters right off your home. While the Gutter Magician Rain Gutter Cover System does not prevent ice dams from forming. Homeowners have found that the Gutter Magician system greatly reduces the potential damage from ice by preventing ice build up inside the gutters of your home.