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Gutter Installations, Gutters, Gutter Covers,Mastic Siding, Premium Roofing, Leaf Guards, and More in Independence, Kentucky and surrounding areas.


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For gutter installations, roofing, leaf guards, mastic sidings, gutters, gutter shields, and more, Gutter Magician is the number one gutter covercompany in Independence, Kentucky and its surrounding areas.

Independence, Kentucky is a Great Place to Be In

The city of Independence, Kentucky can be found in Kenton County and is a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. If you are into outdoor activities, then this is the city for you. The city is littered with parks, including some like Lincoln Ridge Park, Memorial Park, Doe Run Lake, Bowman Field, Mills Road Park, Sterling Staggs Park, and Richardson Road Park, among others. If you are into enjoying the sights outdoors or if you are looking for a park to do various recreational outdoor activities, or even if you prefer the nearby city sights of Cincinnati, Ohio, Independence is a wonderful place to visit or live in.

High Quality Gutter Service in Independence

Independence has the pleasure of being served by Gutter Magician, and we have the even greater pleasure of servicing the city of Independence, Kentucky with our products. Since we began, we have been striving to become the greatest gutter company in select parts of Ohio and Kentucky, and we have succeeded in doing so thanks to our high quality products and our excellent staff. We are a local company, meaning that we provide extra care and love into our service that the big companies do not. We understand how it feels to have a helpful neighbor willing to go the extra mile for you, and that is what we emulate when it comes to the city of Independence.

Gutter Shielding in Independence, Kentucky

With our products, you are guaranteed a high quality gutter installed to your home. Our gutters are great for getting the job done well. Gutters from Gutter Magician provide a special shield cover that does not allow outside garbage such as leaves, twigs, sticks, animals, and more to get trapped inside the gutter. With this cover, there is no need to clean gutters anymore! Your gutters will be doing their job constantly, as they will never be trapped doing a poor job due to debris and garbage stuck within. With shielding covering the gutter preventing things getting in while water does so with ease due to the slits on the shield, you can easily be sure that your gutters are working at maximum capacity at all times!

High Quality Gutters in Independence, Kentucky

Our gutters are made to work well, and we even provide a guarantee to you to show we are confident that you will be satisfied with them. Our gutters come with a no clog guarantee. If your gutters somehow managed to get clogged, we will come and clean them for you. We are so sure that these gutters will do a good job at shielding your gutters, that we offer this guarantee for a lifetime!

Local Gutter Installation and Replacement in Independence

Our gutters are the best in the Independence, Kentucky area. If you are in the area and in need of high quality gutter installation, gutter shielding, gutter replacement, mastic siding, premium roofing, or anything else that we offer, give us a call. We are ready to serve you and are look forward to hearing from you today!

Gutter Covers made in the USA