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Rain Gutter Covers Crestview Hills, Kentucky

Are you still cleaning your gutters, or paying someone to clean your gutters? STOP, Please. There is a better, smarter more cost-efficient way to keep your home secured and leaf free. The Gutter Magician has the BEST seamless gutter protection available on the market today. It is easy to do business with us as well. We are a local, family owned company with over 18 years of experience. Just give us a call and we will schedule on of our factory trained reps to come by and give you an estimate at your convenience.

Gutters Crestview Hills, Kentucky

When you are considering new gutters for your home you can count on the professionals at The Gutter Magician. We ARE the factory and there are no middlemen. Our Owner lives locally and there is never any passing of the buck for any issue. When you are the ONLY one responsible, you make sure the job is done right the first time.

Lots to Love about Crestview Hills

Crestview Hills is known as one of the most desirable locations in Greater Cincinnati for professional and medically-based offices, Crestview Hills embraces the goals of creating an attractive and high-quality community for its residents and businesses. Founded and managed over the years with a keen vision for balancing growth and quality of life, Crestview Hills adeptly balances a robust tax base with high quality neighborhoods. Rarely can you find such a varied landscape in a city of this size.

Roofing and Siding in Crestview Hills, Kentucky

In case you didn’t know, the Gutter Magician is also the premier roofing and siding company in Crestview Hills, Kentuckyand the surrounding Cincinnati area. Most roofing companies do the same on all of their roofing projects. They come give you an estimate, bring a large dumpster to put your old roof into, tarp the roof in case it rains, and take about a week to complete the job. Not the Gutter Magician. After our factory trained rep comes by your house, our expert roofing team will install a new Owens Corning roof with SureNail technology in ONE day on your moist important investment, your home. We never use dumpsters which can ruin your yard and or the driveway. We take it with us after the install on that same day. One day installs of roofing is a trademark of our expertise and professionalism in the roofing business and has been for many years. You can count on us to do a great job and install a premium, very high-quality product on your home. Please see our roofing page on our website at for roofing options before our factory rep comes to your home for the estimate. Just look for the Pink Panther logo and click on it to read more for your convenience. Our siding products offered are also the best in the industry and we have several great manufacturers and companies for you to choose from like mastic and Alside.

Crestview Hills Kentucky a Great History

Crestview Hills saw some of its most eventful days during the Civil War. In early 1862, Confederate General Heth was dispatched by General Kirby-Smith to lead a 6,000 troop march on Cincinnati. By the time they reached Fort Mitchel (now Fort Mitchell), in September 1862, they ran into 72,000 Union troops stretching 8 miles from Ludlow to Fort Thomas along encampments in the hilltops. However, after two nights of scouting the area and finding all of the Union troops, General Heth and his troops withdrew their forces and saved Cincinnati from falling under Confederate control. After the Civil War, the Casey property became acquired by Barney Bungener. Although the exact time is unknown, records indicated that the estate was bequeathed to his wife, Elizabeth, on June 16, 1884. By the time of her death in November 1922, a group of Northern Kentuckians led by William Hoppenjans formed a corporation to purchase 120 acres of farm land from her estate with the purpose of starting a subdivision for better class homes. Collectively, the investors subscribed to 650 shares of stock at $100 per share for a total of $65,000 and additional cash was borrowed from a bank. In the 1920s, the acres of land open to residential development, a number of building sites were sold. From the sale of the lots and money borrowed from the bank, the Kenton County Development Company was able to complete the initial development of the lots. Crestview Hills now began to take shape.  The original ad describes it well. “Beautiful, smooth, permanent concrete driveways extend through the broad expanse of one hundred and twenty acres, not in the usual stereotyped conventional manner, but in a series of graceful winding curves and circles, with here and there spacious park areas of an occasional flower plot, sparkling lakes and beautiful shrubbery.”

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