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Gutters Alexandria, Kentucky

Do you live in or near Alexandria, Kentucky? Still cleaning your gutters?

STOP…we have the ONLY Solution to your Gutter Pollution at the Gutter Magician.

When you think about when you need to replace your current gutter system there are many issues and problems you need to consider such as the loss of your leisure time, the high maintenance of gutters, the cost of getting your gutters cleaned water in your basement and so much more right? Gutter Magician is here to help you eliminate all of these headaches once and for all with our exclusive gutter protection system.

Alexandria, Kentucky a great place to live

Conveniently located in Campbell County, Kentucky Alexandria has much to offer its residents and visitors alike. The city was formally set up in 1856 and since then has grown into a beautiful city with great schools and places to live. Alexandria is a great place to live, work and to go shopping.Very conveniently located about 30 minutes from downtown Cincinnati and the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International Airport.Very close to great shopping, either at regional malls or our own Village Green Shopping Center. Alexandria has a great selection of specialty retailers and good restaurants to choose from as well.

Gutter Covers Alexandria, Kentucky

Clean Gutters can help you to avoid some major home repairs. Keeping your gutters clean is the most important thing you can do to avoid major and super expensive home repairs. For example: Leaking basements. Clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement water problems. Roof water can easily overflow and accumulate around your foundation. If this happens at your house, basement leaks are on the way, you can be sure of it.

Life in Alexandria Kentucky is great

The school systems in Alexandria, Kentucky, both public and private really are among the best in the Tri-State. Located just 15 to 20 minutes from Northern Kentucky University and within easy commuting distance of the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, and Thomas More College, just to name a few of the educational opportunities that await you near Alexandria.
Alexandria is a cool, laid back, almost rural community with nice, very friendly neighbors and beautiful views from all over the area.

Where the City meets the Country” is not just  the slogan in Alexandria, It captures the easy to get used to concept that Alexandria has every amenity you could possibly need or want yet allows the residents of this great area to escape to the peace and quiet just by being at home.

Roofing in Alexandria, Kentucky

If your home improvement needs include a new roof, look no further than the Gutter Magician. Get an estimate and see the differences the Roofing Pro’s at Gutter Magician have from ALL of the other so called roofing pros out there you have to choose from. We get it, it can be scary and confusing to look for the right company to trust your home and roof too.  Ask yourself these questions:

Can you get my roof done in ONE day? Do you plan on leaving a dumpster in myyard for a week,maybe ruining my yard or driveway? At the Gutter Magician we get it done in one day and take your old roof with us, no dumpsters, no waiting for anything and at a great price. You will love how your house looks and how the team of professionals at the gutter magician treat you.

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