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Stop Cleaning Your Gutters Forever

The trees in your yard add character, provide shade, and make a beautiful addition to the property. Unfortunately, they also shed leaves, branches, and debris that clog your gutters and are a hassle to remove.

Of course, clogged gutters don't perform well. And when your gutters don't drain water properly, costly damages to your roof and foundation may result. But that doesn't mean you have to dig up your trees or make gutter cleaning a daily routine. With Gutter Magician NKY, you have the tools you need to keep your gutters clear, always.

About the Gutter Magician and How It Works

Each year, Cincinnati receives an average of 42" of rainfall. Drained properly, that precipitation will only boost your landscape's health and beauty. With The Gutter Magician, you can make sure the water stays out of areas where it can cause damage.

This system works by filtering the water through a hood that keeps debris out of the gutter. We've provided an image and corresponding explanation for each part of the system:


    1. When exposed to moisture, the wood on your home becomes vulnerable to rotting. With our high-back trough, that won't be a problem. We guarantee that this product won't pull away from your house.
    2. Our 100% nylon brackets are able to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. They won't ever change shape or become cracked or brittle.
    3. Unlike those of our competitors, our warranties stay valid after a ladder is placed against the gutters. That's because our .032 aluminum is the sturdiest and thickest on the market.
    4. You can choose between two hood types. We don't have a one-size-fits-all mentality at Gutter Magician NKY.
    5. Our system won't fit under your shingles and put them at risk of wear. Instead, it fits under the drip edge.


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